Music Stories: Vox Choir

Vox Community Youth Choir

– story by Meghan Jamieson, ESG Choir Lead and Co-Leader of the ESG Vox Choir

VOX is a youth community choir, generously hosted by the Eglinton St. George’s United Church which provides North Toronto’s youth with a fun, creative and dynamic experience linking music, their community and our church family.

To be given the opportunity to take part in something bigger than yourself, to take pride in something you help to create, to learn to follow direction, to form friendships and to make connections are all integral parts of growing into a well-rounded individual. The VOX team strives to make all of this happen. We work to create a safe and inviting environment for our members to learn, to participate, to create and to be heard. Perhaps one of the most endearing and powerful aspects of the VOX Community choir is its absolute inclusivity. 

Not only are the choir members greeted individually and encouraged to be themselves in rehearsal, they are granted a high calibre musical experience that they might not otherwise be able to afford. Taking part in the ESG church services, in performances around the city and in ESG Choir concerts provides, provide the VOX choir members with valuable opportunities that are often found in older, larger choirs.

Two of ESG’s choir section leads organize this delightful musical ensemble. Emily Taub, our fearless musical director, has international choral experience and brings a level of musicianship and passion rarely seen in a modest children’s choir. Meghan Jamieson, who takes the role of administrator, shares her extensive work with youth and her organizational skills.

Through the generosity of the ESG United team, we are able to offer the VOX Community Choir experience to all members at no cost to their families. We are thrilled to be able to reach out to the youth of our area in such a vibrant way and we are truly grateful for your support.

We want to expand the VOX choir program, to offer even more opportunity to young people in the community. You can help by supporting our Hooray For Hollywood Gala music fundraiser event. Learn more…